DunceHat Games was founded in 2022 as a destination for free, browser-based, educational games. Our games will cover a wide range of subjects and can be helpful for a variety of age groups. All of our games were designed to help our own children develop in specific areas and subjects so we welcome any suggestions that you may have. Be sure to visit the "Contact Us" link below if you have ways to improve any of our existing games or have ideas for new games. More games coming soon!
Why the "dunce hat"? What once was commonplace in the American classroom had all but dissappeared by the mid to late 20th century. In their final iteration, dunce hats were used as a punishment by teachers to discipline students who misbehaved or underperformed. However, it is believed that the dunce hat was originally a symbol of intellect and wisdom. The symbol is linked to the influential 13th century philosopher John Duns Scotus who believed there were benefits to wearing the conical accessory. According to Duns, the apex was the pinnacle of knowledge. Therefore, the apex of the hat would be funneled down to the brain of wearer. Apparently, Duns was also drawn to the fact that wizards supposedly wore the same shape of hat...and we all know that wizards are wise.
As "rookie" developers, this site provides a platform and outlet to put the concepts that we are learning into practice. All of our game content is written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We welcome any suggestions for improvements and would love to help other new developers if they have any questions. Reach out to us via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page to communicate about any of the website or game content.